How To Achieve Straight Hair Without Spedning A Fortune เครื่องม้วนผมไฟฟ้า

Although you can always go to expensive salons and dangerous chemicals to spread it all over your head, there are natural ways to get the right hair you want. I will show you how to get straight hair using simple and inexpensive techniques. These techniques are temporary, but they can give you the luxurious straight hair you want for a special occasion. เครื่องม้วนผมไฟฟ้า

The first step is to invest in quality flat bars. You need to buy a model that is slightly better and more expensive from your hairdresser or beauty salon because of the higher quality of the iron, which means better surface heating and better temperature control.

The next step is to buy a protective heat spray for your hair. This can help protect your hair from heat damage. This is very important if you use the iron regularly.

Wash your hair and use a good conditioner. Because the use of a flat iron can actually dry your hair, you might want to leave your conditioner a little longer than usual.

Dry your hair with a towel, leave it in the conditioner and brush your hair gently using a wide tooth comb.

Dry the rest of your hair. Using attachments that help you bring the dryer closer to your hair makes a big difference. After the hair is dry, brush thoroughly to remove tangles and strands.

Divide your hair into sections and attach areas that you don’t edit on your head. Get your hair in sections about 2 “wide and about 1/2” thick when you put it on a flat iron near your scalp.

Then gently and slowly pull the iron through your hair. Make sure you keep the movement in flowing motion. If not, horizontal lines can appear on the hair and be removed. More iron straightening and major hair damage courses are needed.

If you see steam coming out of the hair, this is normal because the hair still contains a little moisture. On the other hand, if you hear abnormal hair bleaching and need to adjust the temperature settings.

Continue with small strands of hair all over your head. Be sure to check your hair carefully so you don’t miss a part because this will look a little weird! When you have straightened all your hair, make sure to add moisture, because this can cause curling and frizz.

If you want to make sure your style stays sophisticated, apply a little hairspray after getting the look you want.

There she is! They have changed from curly and wavy to straight and attractive. Just follow these simple tips for getting straight hair, and you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself and reducing your hair without adding very heavy chemicals.

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