Summary: Facts about menopause hair loss that every woman should know.

All treatments for hair loss and other hair thinners are labeled “for men”. TV commercials show แชมพูปลูกผม that bald men try magical products. And then the veil! Hair becomes thicker and longer by winking. In general, most hair loss problems are aimed at men. And not just because the scalp “inside” or because Billy Zane looks sporty. Men tend to be really bald. However, women do not escape the problem of hair loss. The fact is that about two thirds of women actually experience hair loss through menopause.

Hair loss in women is more common than it really is. However, the degree of hair loss is less visible in women than in men. Naked-headed spots are not seen in women as in men, because their hair loss is thinner. Menopausal hair loss in women is not even clear where the real cause. Even the effects of estrogen on women’s hair are not yet fully understood. However, there are medicines with estrogen that are prescribed by doctors to treat menopause hair loss. There are myths about menopause hair loss, some of which are as follows:

Myth 1: Hair loss comes from a father.
This is partly true. Hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia is an inherited type. The father is not only responsible for your inheritance. Genes of both parents are a factor.

Myth 2: Menopause in women causes abnormal bleeding.
That is not true. Hair loss does not affect menstruation at all.

Myth 3: Washing hair too often can cause hair loss.
Impossible. Hair loss is not the result of normal hair care practices.

Myth 4: poor scalp blood flow and clogged hair follicles cause hair loss.
For this reason, people point their fingers at the true cause of hair loss. However, this is nothing more than advertising for those who sell hair loss products.

Menopausal patterns due to menopause occur in more women than others might think. Experts attribute this to a decrease in estrogen production in the body. Estrogen is also said to protect us from testosterone and specific enzymes in our body that are responsible for pattern baldness in women.

Menopausal hair loss is another addition to many changes that a woman must face. However, if you ask your doctor about your problem, you can better accept menopause and related challenges.

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