Best acne skin care “ครีมลดริ้วรอย”

Winning Skin War – The best skin treatment for acne

The best acne skin care treatment starts ครีมลดริ้วรอย with you. The right attitude must complement the right treatment and preventive measures. If you are accustomed to using acne products, you may not be on the right track to overcome them. Acne affects everyone, even if you are over puberty. The best treatment for acne skin is treating acne from the inside out.

You have to eat zits

Start with these edible fruits as part of your best acne skin care: eat at least 2 apples a day; consume apricots as much as you want; One banana a day helps your digestive system. Blackberry, blueberries, and cherries help release blood from waste. Cantaloupes contain lots of vitamins A and C, as well as other minerals that help overcome skin problems. Figs contain high fiber, which is useful for digestion; Grapefruits help eliminate toxins from drugs to improve liver function. Grapes help build new blood cells; Mango neutralizes acid waste; Strawberries contain anti-acne enzymes; whereas pineapple has papain which helps metabolize protein.

In general, fruits contain excellent cleansers as well as vitamins and minerals that accelerate the body’s regeneration against infections, including acne. Therefore, eating fruit several times a day should be part of the best acne skin care.

Go herbal

The best acne skin care you can offer is probably herbal treatments. It is inexpensive and does not contain heavy substances which, unlike prescription drugs, leave contaminants in your body. They are also located right above your kitchen!

Be among thousands of people all over the world who worship basil as a holy potion. This is known for treating skin conditions if you don’t know. Drink (like tea) or use olive oil or coconut oil as a base. The results will show you.

Sandalwood and Mimba are known as the best acne treatments. Both have antibacterial properties that cure acne before developing. Use as a paste and apply firmly to the affected area and surroundings.

Apart from the best acne skin care treatments mentioned above, combating acne means removing excess dirt and oil from your face. Choose soft detergents that contain a few percent benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. They help heal wounds and injuries. If you need to use a moisturizer, use a non-comedogenic one. Use only make-up without oil, because this can clog pores.

The best acne treatment starts with you. A healthy lifestyle (I’m sure you know what’s healthy) and being honest with nature (getting enough sleep) will definitely benefit you.

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